8 Best Online Video Editing Tools for Business 2024

Video content is getting an insane amount of attention from users, it is because videos are able to grasp the attention of users in a much better way. The audio-visual content helps potential customers to easily have a quick overview of products or services that are being explained in the form of a video. Online Video Editing Tools are an inevitable source of increasing productivity levels and saving precious time.


Why You Should Use Online Video Editing Tools?

The business promotion videos can be uploaded at different social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and a lot more platforms for the purpose of digital marketing. Later you can utilize online chat platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, and many others to make your business product promos viral.

7 Best Online Video Editing Tools for Business

You can also use your competitor videos after downloading them with Top Video Tools. And create something better and more engaging than your competitors.

In today’s article, we are going to explain about best online video editing tools for business, which can help you in a lot of ways when it comes to quick video generation, without needing a powerful high-end video editing laptop.

1. InVideo


When it comes to creating the best online social media videos, very quickly. The first thing that you could think of must be the InVideo platform. Why? Because they are simply the best and easy to use online video editing tool for business videos.

You can create product or service promotion videos with animated text overlays, beautiful background images or related content videos, having cool background music, and even record your own voice over or use an automated voice over, that is available within the InVideo Platform.

The most important and fun part is, InVideo offers a wide variety of ready-made video templates, which are very easy to customize and later used for your commercial or personal video projects.

InVideo also offers you to convert your existing blog posts into visually engaging videos, which could be promoted easily over social media platforms to boost your product or service sales.

Whether you are looking for Business YouTube Intro, YouTube Outro, Video SlideShow Maker, Business Promotion Video, Wedding Card Video, Instagram Story Video, Facebook Video Ads, Birthday invitation video cards, or an online video editing tool, you will find the InVideo Platform to be your best bet. InVideo is absolutely free to try!

2. Kapwing 

When you are looking for the fastest online video editing tool, you must only think of Kapwing. This online video editing platform offers so many online video and image editing tools, that you could ever imagine. And that too without any watermarks, up to a certain limit. Have a look at the number of video editing tools being offered by Kapwing.

Add Progress Bar to Video
Crop Video
Montage Maker
Video Maker
Add Text To Image
Cut Video
Mute Video
Meme Generator
Add Text to Video
Filter Video
Photo Montage
Adjust Video
Fit Video
Remove Background From Image
Add Audio to Video
Caption Video
Flip Image
Repeat Video
Resize Video
Clip Video
Frame Video
Resize GIF
Remove Background From Image
Collage Maker
Free Image Editor
Resize Image
Trim Video
Combine Video and Images
Free Video Editor
Crop Video
Add Audio to GIF
Convert Video
Image to Video
Resize Video
Add Audio to Video
Crop GIF
Loop Video
Reverse Video
Add Image to Video
Crop Photo
Meme Generator
Slideshow Maker


3. Online Video Cutter 

Online Video Cutter - Top Video Tools

Coming towards another most popular video editing tool, that is an online video cutter. This platform is developed by 123Apps. Simply upload the video that you want to trim, and cut the video into small parts with few clicks of the mouse.

This platform is free to use. You can even rotate the videos, crop the videos, and supports a wide variety of video formats. Don’t forget to check out the Online Video Cutter tool.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon Create Professional Explainer Animation Videos Top Video Tools

Have you ever wondered, how to create professional-grade animation videos that explain your product or services in a cool way? With cool background music, having cartoon characters explaining about your products, animation effects being added, and a voice-over making it a killer combination of a viral animation explainer video.

Powtoon is one of the most popular platforms to create professional explainer animation videos. The drag and drop templates make it even easier to craft a visually engaging storyline animation explainer video. It is a great video editing tool for education, pitches, product/service demos, and corporate video presentations.

Add your own choice of characters, choose the overlay video colors, and choose the best font style that goes with the theme and mood of your video.

5. Typito

Typito Online Video Editing Tool Top Video Tools

Being a digital marketer is a fun job, as long as you love creativity. In order to boost the productivity of digital marketers, video content is playing a vital role. Creating stunning and jaw-dropping videos with your own footage, custom overlay texts, swapping the audio, creating the GIF animations, and choosing the layout or resolution of video in terms of horizontal or vertical, is not difficult anymore.

Let’s meet, Typito, an online video editing tool for creative digital marketers. It has 200+ predefined templates and a huge library of royalty-free stock photos.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo Online Video Editing Tool Top Video Tools

Create 4K high-resolution video content for social media needs with WeVideo, an online video editing tool that offers a great set of features for an amazing price. Being a cross-platform and cloud-based solution, WeVideo takes the lead in offering the simplicity of video editing.

You can use WeVideo with Mac, Windows PC, Chrome, Android &, iOS. No need to install anything, just log in to your account and start creating creative videos, edit them, crop them, cut them, animate them, overlay text them, greenscreen them and much more. Change the orientation of videos from landscape to vertical and vice versa, easily.

7. Lumen5

Lumen5 Online Video Editing Tool Top Video Tools

There should be no doubt that video content simply outranks the text-based content. Video content strategy for social media is very important when it comes to setting up the branding. New businesses require better video content strategy implementation for their brand’s recognition.

Lumen5 offers a great set of features for designing the video content strategy using the online video editing tools offered in addition to wide variety of video templates, that help you transform them according to your video needs. You can opt for Lumen5 online video editing tool, and easily export videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram in Full HD 1080p video resolution.

Video layout could be horizontal or vertical depending upon your video requirements. However, you can easily switch between the layouts within the Lumen5 platform.

Photo Video Maker
LinkedIn Video Maker
Facebook Video Maker
Business Video Maker
YouTube Intro Maker
Ecommerce Video Maker
Facebook Cover Photo Maker
Explainer Video Maker
Instagram Video Maker
Slideshow Maker
Instagram Story Maker
Animation Video Maker
Promo Video Maker
Education Video Maker
Video Ad Maker
Infographic Video Maker
Marketing Video Maker
Video Editor

8. Vimeo Create

Another online video editing tool is Vimeo Create, which helps you design your social media videos for your products or services using their online video editor tool. You can use predefined templates for Instagram Stories and other famous social media video platforms.

The videos can be easily created, however, the cost of their business package is beyond the reach of customers who just want to get started with their new business.


Choosing the best online video editing tools could be a little challenging task. This article covers the top online video editing tools that you can use to enhance your productivity and increase the virality of your videos with very easy to use drag and drop video editing interfaces offered by most of the video tools. In our opinion, the InVideo Platform has the best possible features for the best possible value of money.

Let us know what are your most favorite online video editing tools and what unique features they offer?

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