Doodly vs CreateStudio 3 | Best Engaging Video Tool

Creating engaging videos for video marketing purpose was a difficult task until Doodly and CreateStudio arrived. Both of these amazing video marketing tools help to create highly engaging videos for business promotions. You can create explainer videos that convert into sales with the help of both Doodly and CreateStudio.

With Doodly and CreateStudio you are able to make multiple types of videos, including whiteboard animation videos, 2D animations, scroll stopper videos, social media video ads and a lot more. However, we will be discussing the best features of both video animation and video marketing tools.



Doodly vs CreateStudio: Which is Best Video Marketing Tool?

We already have had covered 22 best digital video marketing tools in our previous article with their pros and cons. But today we will talk about CreateStudio vs Doodly video marketing tools.

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1. Doodly

After playing around with a couple of 2D animation software, I found the Doodly to be an amazing tool that is insanely easy to use and helps create stunning and engaging explainer videos. Available both for Mac and PC, Doodly is the simplest to use, and the software runs rather smoothly (as long as you are dealing with video, a lot of programs tend to be slow or choppy, that’s not the case with Doodly.)

[Full] Doodly Make Doodle Videos Sketch Animation Style or Whiteboard Drawing Explainer Videos

Doodly was designed specifically for the creation of whiteboard or blackboard videos or glass board videos. It has a user-friendly interface, making the application easy to navigate for both novice and professional users. The rainbow color addon for Doodly, makes it even more wonderful tool.

Doodly vs CreateStudio | Best Engaging Video Tool

You can import your own media types such as PNG, SVG, and JPG or choose the in-built objects which increase in options, depending on the plan you purchase.

This software has a unique path tool that allows you to add your own SVG objects, which are automatically drawn in the classic whiteboard style, to your bitmap graphics. The voice recording functionality is limited, so you may not want to use this built-in feature, instead try free audio editors like Audacity, QuickTime, or another external program.

Exporting your videos from Doodly only allows you to do so in MP4 format and it is time-consuming, but the professional high-quality video it creates makes it a great alternative to Vyond.

Video Creation is Easy

The easy-to-follow process makes creating animated videos easy for users with little or no knowledge. The process is simple, first, you add your image and your text, then you set the animation times. You would then import any voiceover or record your own, then other soundtracks or various sounds can be added, and finally, you can publish the video creation. If you are stuck on getting your creative juices to flow, take a look at the multitude of example videos, and there are also many tutorial videos to guide you on how to use all of the features on the Doodly website.

A multitude of Features and Tools

The software gives you a remarkable amount of flexibility where you can design your own layouts, create your own characters, and set any text you want. Doodly has a feature to allow program movement which uses a hand to ‘draw’ each scene. You can easily add depth and richness to your videos using the in-built visual props and sounds.

DIY Flexibility

Even though there is a wide range of built-in sounds, characters, background objects, and props, Doodly allows you to import any visual element or sound that you want to use, and it also allows you to manipulate your imports in the same way as you can with the in-built options. For the program movement, i.e. allowing you to ‘hand’ draw each scene, you can use the built-in hand profiles or upload a profile of your own hand.

Built-in Sound Tracks

Royalty-free music and sound effects are necessary when you are making a video. In Doodly, the music library also includes entire soundtracks to help you in your selection of background music or themes. You can manipulate it for any part of your video or use it for the entire length, allowing you to keep a similar tone throughout the video. Using their in-built soundtracks can help you save time in searching or creating your own sounds.

2. CreateStudio

Create Studio is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software made for experienced & complete newbie video creators!

It gives users the flexibility to create custom animations, and also use motion presets & templates for ease of use and speed.

New Scenes & Mascot in CreateStudio

There has never been such a rich 3d cartoon video animation software that combines both advanced & beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects.

Doodly vs CreateStudio | Best Engaging Video Tool

Users can create explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, social video ads, scroll stopper videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos, virtually any kind of video with the ease of use and dynamic features!

Why Doodly and CreateStudio are better than any other cloud based video tool?

We highly recommend both Doodly and CreateStudio to our valued readers. Not only they are easy to use video marketing software, along with that they are meant to be used on both Mac and Windows computers. And both of these video tools, do not limit you from creating unlimited creative videos unlike any other cloud based video marketing software in the market.

What’s the price of Doodly and CreateStudio?

Doodly and CreateStudio are offered for $67 each for a limited promotional period. Videos created with Doodly are black and white, and if you will need to get rainbow addon for another $67, so making Doodly to cost at $134 in total. However CreateStudio offers many colorful templates and characters within $67.

There are additional but totally optional addons available for both software at an extra cost, which can help you to enhance your video marketing efforts.


CreateStudio and Doodly both are the best video marketing tools for different needs. They not only have more features, as well as very economical for professional cartoon explainers or engaging video marketing. Create Studio definitely WINS over Doodly due to it’s extensive set of features, templates, 3d animated characters, 3d backgrounds and also offers doodle features.

Doodly vs CreateStudio | Best Engaging Video Tool

Both Create Studio and Doodly will be installed on your Windows or Mac computer and will give you unlimited video exports for FREE. Amazingly both of these video marketing tools come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so it will be a 100% risk-free deal.

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