23 Best Digital Video Marketing Tools for Business 2024

Digital video marketing is one of the most effective ways to lure free and targeted traffic to your website and to market your product or services.

This is the major reason why internet entrepreneurs are dwelling in massively creating high-quality video content for their target market.

Relating to this, the search engine also prefers to rank a certain content which is high in details and covers digital video content that is more engaging and relatable to the viewer.


Best Digital Video Marketing Tools for Business in 2024

21 Best Video Tools for Digital Video Marketing

Ideally, out of the overall consumer internet organic traffic that is generated today, digital video marketing is the major contributor.

As such, all businesses that operate online need to include video content as one of their internet marketing techniques, to help generate more traffic and increase the conversion rate of a website.

For your video content to go viral over the internet, you need to create more interactive and intuitive videos that your users will be happy to share.

However, most free to use video tools will come with limited features and functionalities, which you can unlock once you upgrade to their paid plans.

Here are the 23 best digital video marketing tools that you can use to create high-quality and interactive videos for content marketing.

1. CreateStudio 3

CreateStudio 3 is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software made for experienced & complete newbie video creators!

It gives users the flexibility to create custom animations, and also use motion presets & templates for ease of use and speed.

There has never been such a rich 3d cartoon video animation software that combines both advanced & beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects.

Users can create Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos, virtually any kind of video with the ease of use and dynamic features!

2. Doodly

After playing around with a couple of 2D animation softwares, I found the 2nd best overall digital video marketing software is Doodly. Available both for Mac and PC, Doodly is the simplest to use, and the software runs rather smoothly (as long as you are dealing with video, a lot of programs tend to be slow or choppy, that’s not the case with Doodly.)

[Full] Doodly Make Doodle Videos Sketch Animation Style or Whiteboard Drawing Explainer Videos

Features of Doodly

Doodly was designed specifically for the creation of whiteboard or blackboard videos or glass board videos. It has a user-friendly interface, making the application easy to navigate for both novice and professional users.

You can import your own media types such as PNG, SVG, and JPG or choose the in-built objects which increase in options, depending on the plan you purchase.

This software has a unique path tool that allows you to add your own SVG objects, which are automatically drawn in the classic whiteboard style, to your bitmap graphics. The voice recording functionality is limited, so you may not want to use this built-in feature, instead try free audio editors like Audacity, QuickTime, or another external program.

Exporting your videos from Doodly only allows you to do so in MP4 format and it is time-consuming, but the professional high-quality video it creates makes it a great alternative to Vyond.

Video Creation is Easy

The easy-to-follow process makes creating animated videos easy for users with little or no knowledge. The process is simple, first, you add your image and your text, then you set the animation times. You would then import any voiceover or record your own, then other soundtracks or various sounds can be added, and finally, you can publish the video creation. If you are stuck on getting your creative juices to flow, take a look at the multitude of example videos, and there are also many tutorial videos to guide you on how to use all of the features on the Doodly website.

A multitude of Features and Tools

The software gives you a remarkable amount of flexibility where you can design your own layouts, create your own characters, and set any text you want. Doodly has a feature to allow program movement which uses a hand to ‘draw’ each scene. You can easily add depth and richness to your videos using the in-built visual props and sounds.

DIY Flexibility

Even though there is a wide range of built-in sounds, characters, background objects, and props, Doodly allows you to import any visual element or sound that you want to use, and it also allows you to manipulate your imports in the same way as you can with the in-built options. For the program movement, i.e. allowing you to ‘hand’ draw each scene, you can use the built-in hand profiles or upload a profile of your own hand.

Built-in Sound Tracks

Royalty-free music and sound effects are necessary when you are making a video. In Doodly, the music library also includes entire soundtracks to help you in your selection of background music or themes. You can manipulate it for any part of your video or use it for the entire length, allowing you to keep a similar tone throughout the video. Using their in-built soundtracks can help you save time in searching or creating your own sounds.

3. Toonly

Toonly is one of the best tools for creating explainer videos and is the 3rd best digital video marketing tool. If you are into video creation, then the chances are high that you know about Doodly. Doodly is also a video creation software, and Toonly is like a ‘subset’ of Doodly. Unlike Doodly, though, Toonly is primarily designed to create animations.

If you check out Doodly, you’ll observe that videos come with a whiteboard and arm. However, that is not what you find on Toonly. Toonly offers plenty of more features than Doodly. The animations are better and easier to create (more on the differences later in the article).

Toonly 2D Cartoon Video Animation Software Walk Through Windows & Mac

It is very easy to use and made by those that made the popular Doodly software.

With Toonly, you can make simple instruction videos. The instructions can vary from how-to videos to marketing your product, and more. One of the major advantages of this tool is ease of use. Due to the easy interface, Toonly can be used by almost anyone. Unlike some other software, you don’t even need to know how to write code before you can use this tool.

So how does it work? Well, Toonly has a drag and drop editor. That is, you simply click on what you want, drag and drop it into the picture and choose the dialogues and motions you want. For your benefit, there are several pre-set scenes. These have different animations. They also come in handy for different industries and niches. Therefore, you can have minutes-long videos without having to do any heavy lifting.

Features of Toonly

Toonly comes with several top-notch features that make it arguably the best in its category. Let’s see some of the best features of this software.

  • Images

First of all, Toonly comes with a plethora of images. Therefore, you have loads of options to choose from. A notable thing about this feature is that the images aren’t just stock photos. Therefore, you have software with a lot of beautiful, unique images. They are not just designed like something you’d see on every page on the internet.

  • Ease of Use

We have repeatedly touched on how Toonly is easy to use. It is incredibly easy to learn. You don’t need to write or even understand coding before you can create videos. If you run into any issues, there are several tutorial videos that discuss your problem and help you to find a way to help you. You can begin creating in a short time.

  • One-Time Purchase

Once you buy Toonly, you can use it across all your devices. Therefore, there is no point in buying a license for each of your devices. You can use the software across different devices easily. You can install it on your PC, laptop, or other computers without paying any extra fees.

  • Easy Export

Although there is no auto-save option, you can save your work manually. Toonly also allows you to export your video to other devices or software. You can also upload a created video straight from the software to your website or social media page.

  • Guarantee

The 30-day money-back guarantee is an excellent way of ensuring that you get the best from the software. During this period, you can use the software and determine whether it is right for you. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance, you can always return the software and get your money back.

  • Tutorials

If you are confused about how to use the software, there are up to a dozen different tutorial videos that will make everything clear to you. Some of the things they cover include the interface, working with characters, objects, adding music, zooming, rotation, and more.

4. InVideo


When it comes to creating the best online social media videos, very quickly. The first thing that you could think of must be the InVideo platform. Why? Because they are simply the best and easy to use online video editing tool for business videos.

Best Digital Video Marketing Platforms for Business in 2021

You can create product or service promotion videos with animated text overlays, beautiful background images, or related content videos, having cool background music, and even record your own voice over or use an automated voice over, that is available within the InVideo Platform.

Features of In-Video

The main benefits of InVideo are the template library, royalty-free photos and videos, text-to-speech, and vendor support.

  • Template Library InVideo comes equipped with a template library that you can tweak to suit your needs through simple drag-and-drop. You can use these templates to create brand intro videos, 15-second ads, and even customer testimonials. Besides, it offers social media templates like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook story content to make it easier for you to post regularly and increase brand growth.
  • Royalty-Free Photos and Videos InVideo provides royalty-free photos and videos that you can use to improve your content. Besides adding media to your videos, you can also use these royalty-free photos and videos to your blog posts or social media feed to further attract your target market’s attention.
  • Text-to-Speech InVideo offers an automatic text-to-video feature that you can use to create videos for your articles and blog posts or tell a story through your content. Once you have your text in the platform, you can use the editor to tweak fonts and animations, among others. You can also choose the voiceover accent for the video, which can help establish a better connection between you and your market.
  • Vendor Support InVideo provides 24/7 customer support and video tutorials to make it easier for you to take advantage of the platform’s features. You can access the tutorials on the website itself or through the vendor’s social media channels.

The most important and fun part is, InVideo offers a wide variety of ready-made video templates, which are very easy to customize and later used for your commercial or personal video projects.

5. Viddyoze

85% of people watch videos online every week and every day, there are 70% of people watch videos online.

Big names have also inserted video functions into their platforms so you are leaking profits if you refuse to focus on videos.

The next thing to concern is how to make your videos stand out. If not, you’ll get lost in the endless ocean of boring videos and lose out on potential sales.

Coincidentally, a legend named Viddyoze 4.0 has returned with a significant upgrade for you.

Features of Viddyoze 4.0

Discover Viddyoze 4.0 below:

Templates Galore

Viddyoze 4.0 features the most varied, cutting edge templates in the industry, with constant innovation and pioneering the way template-based video creation has evolved over the last 5 years.

100% Cloud-Based

Viddyoze 4.0 is totally cloud-based, meaning there’s no need to install anything or have a powerful machine to run the software.

Simple, Fast, Painless

Viddyoze 4.0 has been built for total ease; no need for complex functions.

It allows you to create stunning animations in a mere matter of minutes without any prior technical experience.

Square & Vertical Templates

The new version of Viddyoze 4.0 features brand new templates specifically suited to square & vertical formats, perfect for all social media platforms!

Multi Font Support

Viddyoze 4.0 expands its robust customization features to now allow you to choose multiple fonts for your creations.

Multiple Audio Options

Not feeling the default audio for your Viddyoze 4.0 template? No problem, you’ll now be able to select from multiple different audio tracks per template!

Sound FX Only

You can now choose to have just sound effects in your templates, without any music giving you full flexibility and control over your audio options!

Background Removal Tool

Need to quickly kill the background of your image in Viddyoze 4.0? Now you can use their 1-click background removal tool.

Image Editing Tools

Need to crop your images in Viddyoze 4.0 before inserting it into a template? Now you can do this all inside of the template customization options.

User Library

Viddyoze Review 4.0 | Best Stunning Videos Creation Tool

You will now be able to upload and store images in your accounts! No more browsing around your computer to find assets. Everything is accessible from inside the Viddyoze 4.0 app!

New Integrations

Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash… you now have access to hundreds of thousands of images to import directly from inside the Viddyoze app.

Simply browse for images and edit them right inside the app.

Live Audio

Every great movie has a great score, so they’ve made sure every Viddyoze Live template has a custom-created audio track to subtly lock in attention and get pulses racing

Multi Ratio Templates

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to render video animations in multi-formats for different social media platforms!

Easy Customization & Branding

Every animation has the option to choose a preset color scheme. There’s no need to think about color combos or complex edits.

Just click on the colors that match your brand and Viddyoze 4.0 does the rest

100% Compatibility

Viddyoze 4.0 renders all your videos in MP4 format, so you can use them with any video editor or web platform.

Fast Customer Service

A dedicated support team means if you’ve ever got a problem, they’ll get back to you within one business day.

Full Support And Updates

Viddyoze 4.0 is supported by a full-time team of designers, videographers, and developers who have been constantly improving the service for 5 years, and they’ve no intention of stopping!

Unlimited Usage Rights

You’ll never be limited on how many times you can use an animation. When you’ve rendered a video, it’s 100% yours. Use it as many times in as many videos as you like.

Attractive Commercial Licence

Don’t sleep on this! The commercial license is an opportunity to create a generously paid second income stream by selling the videos and animations you make to clients

Viddyoze Review 4.0 | Best Stunning Videos Creation Tool

Studio-Grade Intros & Logo Stings

These logo stings eat other logo stings for breakfast.

If they look like high-touch, professional, studio-quality animations it’s because they ARE. This used to only be possible with After Effects.

But you can reach out and put your viewer’s attention in a strangle-hold in just 3 clicks.

Stunning Social Actions

If you’re not being social, you’re being left behind. Viddyoze 4.0’s social media animations bring in the likes, follows, shares and retweets that say ‘this guy is worth talking about’

Viddyoze Review 4.0 | Best Stunning Videos Creation Tool

Combine these with their new square and vertical templates, and exclusive floating social actions and you’ll have more social engagement than an anti-vaxxing-vegan-crossfit-hipster-monkey-riding a pig backward #truefact.

Floating Social Animations

Have iPhone, Skype, and social network messages show up directly on the screen.

Companies have spent millions training them to pay attention to these and now you can profit from their hard work.

Their transparency technology lets you overlay an animation at ANY point in your video so you can laser-focus attention at EXACTLY the right moment.

6. Avatar Builder

AvatarBuilder Review and Demo - Talking Avatar Lip Sync Video Maker - Video Presentation Software

7. Vyond (GoAnimate)

Vyond is one of the best video creation tools which can be used to create high-quality animated videos that have a professional look.

This video tool comes with impressive features such as drag and drop that enables you to select multiple background settings easily, and assign dialogues to characters automatically using the lip-syncing feature.

Moreover, with Vyond (GoAnimate), adding voice dialog or voice narration is a very simple task, and you can import audio files from your computer or any device. You can also record directly into the platform, or crowdsource professional actors.

You can achieve an amazing visually compelling video using a number of templates, backgrounds, and characters available in the library of Vyond, making your final content look professional.

Features of Vyond

  • Vyond comes with unlimited hosting space, downloads, and the creation of video content.
  • The platform Vyond provides is very easy to use and anyone can use it to create impressive videos that suit their content marketing needs.
  • It comes with extra features such as character creator, audio sweetening, lip-syncing, visual excitement, and publishing.
  • Superfast than most of the available video marketing tools.
  • Can be used on any operating system which supports a browser.
  • Vyond supports several video input and output formats including AVI, MP4, MP3, MKV, DAT, AMV, VCD, WMV, and more.

8. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is considered one of the best video creation softwares for video marketers. It comes with a ton of impressive features and allows you to create stunning videos for your video marketing needs.

Features of AVS Video Editor

  • Process Various Video Formats With AVS Video Editor, you can process various video formats like the AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3PG, MOV, MKV, and more, using one of the popular codecs such as MPEG-4. You can also process videos with different frame sizes such as HD, Full HD, 2K Quad HD, and 4K Quad HD. These options make it easy for your video content to be viewed on any device using any format without any restrictions.
  • Extreme Editing of Videos Moreover, AVS Video Editor allows you to edit your videos by trimming, cutting, splitting, merging, rotating, and mixing them. This video editor also allows you to select between 300 different final video effects to use in your videos. You can also insert menus, audio, text comments, subtitles, and stabilize shaky videos that are recorded.
  • Speeds up Your Video Editing Speed is one of the most important features to consider when choosing a video editing software. With AVS video editor, you can edit formats like AVI HD, WMV HD, TOD, AVCHD, MOD, MTS/M2TS, and more, due to the integrated video cache technology, which makes HD-video editing super fast.
  • Easily Record Your Videos Another important feature of a good video recording software is the ease of transferring and recording videos between devices. AVS Video Editor allows you to easily transfer videos from DV/HDV cameras, webcams, or VHS-cameras and save videos on your computer. You can also record media files from your computer and create video guides, training videos, or demos.
  • Make Attractive Slideshows Slideshows are one of the best ways to pass visual information to users. AVS Video Editor allows you to capture important product or service features, and turn them into amazing slideshows for viewers.
  • Create Blu-Ray Videos AVS Video Editor allows you to add style to your final marketing Blu-ray videos by applying effects and adding special menus; adding audio, video, and images to your videos, and choosing between several themes and menu templates.
  • Share Your Video The ease of sharing your marketing video content is also another very important feature, which you need to consider when selecting the best video tool. AVS Video Editor allows you to share your videos in different ways: Save the video in a suitable format on your PC, you can then burn it in a DVD, adjust the video for your iOS or Android devices, or easily publish your creative video on your social network or website.
  • Multilingual Support Your content video for marketing will go viral and reach different people all over the globe, some who speak different languages. This video editor is smart enough to support different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Danish, and Russian.

9. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe offers one of the best video editing tools for creating and editing videos like a pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid tool that comes with different plan/price options to support different tasks.

It is among those very few video tools which are used by professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to process various video formats, making it one of the best options when you need a video tool that can make it possible to view videos, animations, and audio files in any format.

This amazing video tool also comes with a number of editing features that allow for extreme editing to have a final video that is professional and attractive to the audience.

Adobe Premiere Pro is also considered one of the best video tools since it allows for fast and easy editing, recording, importing, and sharing of video and other animated files.

Impressive Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Supports Different Platforms Adobe Premiere Pro can be used on both Mac and Windows computers. This compatibility enables the tool to be used for professional stuff.
  • Supports a Number of Video formats good video editing software should be able to support multiple editing formats to give different options that users can use to view your videos. Adobe Premiere is considered one of the best since it supports almost all popular video formats that you can think of.
  • Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro Since Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid tool, it comes with lots of impressive features that you will not get with free to use video editors. Some of the notable features of Adobe Premiere Pro are HD support, multi-track editing, storyboard mode, unlimited audio and video tracks, linear timecode display, and NDE.

10. Wideo

Wideo Editor

Wideo is one of the most preferred video editing tools on the internet due to its easy to use interface. It comes with lots of useful features that make the processing of creating videos, audios, and animations fast and easy.

Wideo has a number of editing features that help in producing high-quality and professional videos that will help you to capture the attention of your audience.

It makes the process of sharing videos extremely fast and easy and that is why most internet marketers use it.

Wideo video editor also allows you to easily personalize your marketing campaigns to suit your needs for better results in terms of traffic and conversion.

Important Features of Wideo

  • Wideo comes with the best templates suitable for boosting social media campaigns.
  • Most of the Wideo users have been able to significantly increase their overall return on investments and have had an impressive increase in productivity.
  • Wideo allows marketers to create personalized videos for email campaigns, which are useful for more click-through-rates.
  • Wideo provides a fast way to record or import video files to be edited before posting.

11. RenderForest


Renderforest is a cloud-based platform for creating intro videos for YouTube, kinetic typography, explainer animations, a promotional video for product and services, music visualizations, event invitations, wedding or travel slideshows, infographics, and a lot more.

It is a simple platform where you don’t need any technical expertise.

You just need to have a good idea which you can implement by choosing from different video templates, edit them online and then preview them before finally exporting them for personal or commercial use.

You can start by trying the platform for free and then go for the paid versions if you need professionally sound videos for commercial or personal use.

Features of RenderForest

  • Get the gist of the platform by making free videos which would include the brand watermark.
  • Choose from hundreds of templates for directly implementing in your videos.
  • Create truly enigmatic videos with a number of professional effects.
  • RenderForest can be used for professional, educational, and personal purposes.
  • It has a regularly updated blog with high-quality reading material and knowledge that you could implement in your videos.

12. Filmora


Filmora Video Editor is one of the best video editing tools as it also gives users editing freedom that most video tools don’t give.

With Filmora, you can easily add custom effects that are related to scene detection and editing of audios.

On the other hand, Filmora gives you the freedom to adjust color effects, brightness, speed, and rotation. Also, you will find lots of video improvement features in Filmora’s library, including music, filters, overlays, and texts.

Features of Filmora

  • Filmora comes with an intuitive and powerful video editing interface that gives users full control to create more interactive videos.
  • Filmora has a mobile app called FilmoraGo, which can be used for video editing on mobile devices, giving a feasible way to edit your videos.
  • You can actively use this tool to create highly engaging videos that will help you to cater to your email marketing needs and get better sales and brand recognition.

13. PowToon


PowToon is a renowned intro maker platform for creating amazing videos and presentations, which are captivating and engaging for better campaign results.

This amazing video marketing tool also allows you to create animated video content as per your marketing requirements.

PowToon comes with amazing features and an interactive interface to help you channelize your product or service demo.

With PowToon, you can create a professional-looking video in less than 20 minutes, making it one of the best options when you need quick video content for your marketing needs.

You can use the Powtoon editor to create and produce videos in different formats. This is a much-needed feature as different devices support different video formats.

Powtoon lets you create really artistic animations within a few steps. The platform is used by top companies like Coca-Cola, eBay, Starbucks, and more.

The whole process of recording, uploading, editing, and sharing is made easy with a number of intuitive features that you can readily use without much experience.

Important Features of PowToon

  • PowToon comes with easy to use ready-made templates that make it easy and fast to create video and animated content.
  • PowToon comes with impressive features for creating personal, educational, and commercial videos and animations.
  • PowToon has a dedicated team of technical support, and whenever you need help, you can contact their support or check out their tutorials for the same.

14. Wirecast


Wirecast is one of the most useful video tools when you need to do a live-stream for instances like conferences, educational events, live interview telecast, and more.

This amazing video tool comes with live production software, and also has the feature to capture feeds from a number of devices such as web feeds, camera feeds, microphone, iOS 8 camera feed, and more.

Also, Wirecast is one of the best video tools since it has inbuilt features that allow for processing various video formats, extreme editing features for easy recording, importing, editing, and sharing of final videos and animations.

Important Features of Wirecast

  • Wirecast comes with video content features that enable you as a marketer to telecast your shows live to your target audience.
  • It also comes with live feed features that allow you to add professionalism to your live feeds across multiple devices through animated titles, live switching, and transitions.
  • Wirecast allows you to easily stream to integrate streaming services, and also offers multi-format encoding.
  • The platform is suitable for personal use, business use, and educational purposes.

15. ScreenFlow


ScreenFlow is one of the best video editing tools specifically designed for Mac users. ScreenFlow comes with lots of amazing features like professional screen capture and video editing services.

This amazing video production tool can directly capture a video from the screen of different devices such as iPads, iPhones, Mac desktop computers, laptops, video cameras, and more for direct editing.

ScreenFlow allows for a split-track editing feature, and can also capture audio sounds from microphones, and makes it much easier and faster to share video content to different online marketing platforms.

Also, it comes with a feature that makes it easy to upload videos and audios for editing to produce a quick, impressive, and captivating video advert.

Moreover, ScreenFlow allows for a split-track editing feature, and can also capture audio sounds from microphones, and makes it much easier and faster to share video content to different online marketing platforms.

Amazing Features of ScreenFlow

  • ScreenFlow is a multi-purpose video production software since you can record and edit anything from audios to high-quality videos, and share the videos anywhere for viewing.
  • ScreenFlow comes with lots of impressive features, which allow for the creation of engaging video content that can be used to drive more traffic to your websites.
  • You can use Screenflow for personal, educational, and business purposes.

16. VideoScribe


VideoScribe is another great tool to create HD videos and animations for your marketing projects.

Creating a video using Videoscribe does not need much experience. The interface is pretty clean and easy to understand for beginners.

This tool comes with impressive and powerful graphics that you can use to improve the overall look of your video and animation.

VideoScribe is widely used since it has impressive inbuilt features that make it easy to process any video format and to upload or record videos, animations, pictures, or audios for editing to get a high-quality output for marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, the sharing of videos and animations is made very simple and easy, and you can share out your video content to your audience with just a touch of a button.

Important Features of VideoScribe

  • VideoScribe is considered one of the best tools for creating engaging whiteboard animation videos of high-quality.
  • VideoScribe comes with impressive features that can suit everyone’s needs, whether for commercial use, educational use, or personal use.
  • VideoScribe offers a really simple to use interface, and also comes along with free graphics, background music, and templates making it one of the best tools for video marketing needs.

17. Magisto

Magisto Video Tool

Magisto is one of the best video editing tools which you can use to merge raw videos to make a meaningful video for your marketing campaigns. You can use the platform to insert music and create a really powerful video.

To add on top Magisto is one of the best video tools since it comes with inbuilt features that make it possible to record videos on the go, to upload existing videos from PC and other devices for editing, and finally share the video content for the online audience.

You can easily produce videos in various video formats, which is important for viewing on any device and platform without worrying about whether the video will be supported by the current device or not.

Features of Magisto

  • Magisto is very interactive and anyone can use it to create high-quality videos and animations.
  • It enables you to produce high-quality and interactive videos from your footages.
  • Magisto allows for custom editing whereby you can select specific parts of your videos, and customize it with attractive themes and music.
  • Magisto comes with easy sharing features, which make it easy to share your videos on various platforms for viewing.
  • Magisto is suitable for personal use, commercial use, and educational use.

18. Wistia

Wistia Video Tool

Wistia comes with several impressive features, making it one of the best video marketing tools that any marketer should consider using.

This video editing software is interactive, which makes it easy and faster to produce high-quality videos and animations that engage customers.

Moreover, Wistia comes with an inbuilt analytic tool to assist in analyzing the performance of your video campaigns, making it the best tool when you need to measure results.

The heatmaps feature, allows you to know the behavior of your customers that includes; customers who re-watched your videos, who stopped watching and where they stopped, customers who skipped watching your video, and more so that you can make informed improvements where necessary to engage your customers more.

Besides all this, Wistia makes it easy to know your fan base, and even add a call-to-action to improve click-through-rate in places so that you have more customers.

Moreover, like other high-quality video tools, Wistia comes with extra inbuilt features that allow you to either upload your videos from different platforms or record a direct video from using the platform.

Wistia also makes it possible to process your videos in any format and you don’t have to worry about converting formats and the rest.

Amazing Features of Wistia

  • Wistia is the best tool for measuring results since it comes with an inbuilt analytic tool.
  • Allows for the use of call-to-action for an increased click-through rate.
  • Wistia makes it easy to know about the performing video campaigns and the nonperforming ones.
  • Wistia comes with advanced marketing and hosting tools, making it the best choice for a result-oriented video campaign.
  • This handy video tool can be used for different purposes, including commercial use, personal use, and educational use.

19. Common Craft


Common Craft is one the simplest yet powerful video editing tool, which is suitable for creating unique videos and animations from video clips, photos, and paper cutouts.

Common Craft is all about creativity and can be used to create videos and animations to catch the feelings of your customers in a special way.

Common Craft also comes with lots of impressive features that make it easy to upload and record direct video files for editing.

On the other hand, Common Craft makes it easy to edit your videos, animations, and audio within a very short time; and your campaign video contents will be ready to share on your social platform at a single touch of a button.

Important Features of Common Craft

  • Very simple and easy to use and nearly everyone can create impressive videos and animation with it.
  • Common Craft is handy for creative video production, to add some emotional effect to your audience.
  • Common Craft comes with video content features for businesses, photographers, entrepreneurs, and educators.
  • Common Craft comes with features that make it easy to share videos on various platforms including social media sites.

20. Vidyard


Vidyard is another important and useful video marketing tool when it comes to measuring the performance of your video campaigns.

Vidyard comes with a handy analytic tool that helps in establishing and predicting the behavior of your audience, and knowing the adjustments that you should make in your videos to make it more captivating and grab the eyes of a larger audience.

Through Vidyard, you can get important information related to the attention time span of your audience, their exact location, click-through rate, conversion rate, and returns on investment, which are very important when analyzing the performance of every video marketing campaign.

Like most video tools, Vidyard will allow you to import your videos and animations from different devices for editing, and again let you record direct videos for editing before sharing to various online marketing platforms.

Features of Vidyard

  • Vidyard comes with an inbuilt analytic tool to measure the performance of your video marketing.
  • Vidyard comes with features that make it easy to share the respective videos to social networking sites.
  • Vidyard comes with an interactive interface that makes it easy to create a high-definition video within a very short time frame.
  • Features that come with Vidyard make it suitable for business use, personal use, and educational use.

21. Slidely


Slidely is one of the best video editing tools that one can ever find online. Slidely is mainly designed to help in creating quick videos from existing videos, clips, photos, and even music.

To add on top, Slidely allows you to post videos, slideshows, and animations directly to your social media network.

This amazing video editing tool also comes with free badges and widgets that you can use to embed videos, animations, and slideshows directly to your website to grab the attention of your site’s visitors.

Features of Slidely

  • Slidely allows you to connect to the audience from different social platforms within a short time.
  • Slidely comes with a user-friendly interface and nearly everyone can use it.
  • It is a useful tool when you need to create quick marketing videos from existing clips, videos, photos, and music.
  • Slidely is suitable for commercial use, educational use, and personal use.
  • It allows for recording videos to be edited for campaigns.
  • Slidely makes it easy to upload or import video files, photos, and animations for editing.

22. WeVideo


WeVideo is a simple video marketing tool to create informational video content in minutes. WeVideo comes with impressive and unique features that allow marketers to create stunning videos and animations.

You can also use features like implementing company logos, info cards, color schemes, and custom calls to action to help drive leads and traffic through video content.

Using WeVideo, you can also share your videos easily on your social networking handles. This is a much-needed feature to save time and increase productivity at the workplace.

Features of WeVideo

  • It is a powerful and collaborative cloud-based video editing tool.
  • WeVideo has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows for full video editing control.
  • WeVideo comes with lots of editing features that give full control to its users, and that is one of the reasons why it is popular.



Viewbix is an interactive video editing tool that allows marketers to create intuitive marketing videos across different platforms, increasing the average user engagement rate significantly.

With Viewbix, you can create great professional-looking videos in minutes. Viewbix also makes it possible for you to record videos or audios on the go. The interface is quite good and clean and you can edit videos very easily.

It also allows for importing existing video files and audio files, which are to be edited to produce high-quality and professional-looking campaign videos.

You can also share your videos easily on social networking sites and other networking platforms.

Main Features of Viewbix

  • With Viewbix, you can easily add links, insert your company logo, and add CTA buttons.
  • Comes with lots of sharing features that help with lead generation.
  • Viewbix comes with analytics inbuilt tools that increase conversion rate and maximizes the returns on investment.
  • Viewbix produces highly interactive videos that help in increasing user engagement rates.
  • It is used by many online marketers for making highly engaging videos due to its simple to use interface.

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