5 Best Pro Video Editing Tools 2024 | Win & Mac

Video content creation is today’s most popular skill. If you are just getting started as a video editing professional, then you must be using professional-grade video editing tools, also known as Pro Video Editing Tools, that support both Windows and Mac platforms.


Best Pro Video Editing Tools in 2024

5 Best Pro Video Editing Tools | Win & Mac

You will need high-quality video content for your social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and your own website. You can combine or cut multiple video clips, change background music, fast forward certain parts of the video, apply slow-motion effects on video, changing the background of video through green-screen, synchronize voice over with video and a lot more pro video editing tasks, which can only be performed with pro video editing software tools. Have a look at the following video editing tools for Mac and Windows.

System Requirements for Pro Video Editing Tools

Since you want to do the video editing tasks, you will require a video editing workstation or a mobile workstation with the following specifications.

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 5th to 9th Generation 3.0 GHz or more
  • RAM: 8 – 16 GB DDR4 or more
  • SSD: 512 GB or more
  • HDD: 2 TB or more
  • Graphics Card: 4 GB Nvidia or more
  • Display Monitor: 17 – 21 Inches
  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac

Any computer that has the above-mentioned specifications, will be able to handle video editing tasks smoothly. You can also have a look at Best Video Editing Laptops / Mobile Workstations. Make sure that you have installed the operating system and video editing software tools on SSD for best performance and faster video output.

All of the following pro video editing tools and the software will require installation on a computer. In our previous post, we had shared the best online video editing tools that do not need any installation on computer and you will only need a browser and internet connection to use those online video editing tools.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Best Video Editing Tool Windows Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro offers the pro video editing tools and features that are required by any professional video editor. The software is designed in a way that your workflows remain integrated and you can keep working on the betterment of video within the advanced story video timeline. Premiere Pro supports a wide variety of video formats from a multitude of video hardware devices. You can edit Full HD, 4K, 8K to HDR videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are new to the video editing world, you might have to face a steep learning curve.

Adobe Premiere Pro has seamless integration with other Adobe family tools such as Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, from where you can easily import images or visually animated videos respectively, with ease.

Adobe Rush on Mobile can be used easily with Adobe Premiere Pro projects when you plan to work on the go. You can install Adobe Premiere Pro video and film editing tool on Windows & Mac. It will cost nearly $20 a month if you opt for a yearly plan.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Tool:

  • Simultaneous Projects
  • Swapping Audio
  • Trim Videos
  • Merge Video Clips
  • Video Color Adjustment
  • Motion Graphics Templates
  • Shared Projects
  • VR Editing
  • VR Rotate Sphere
  • VR Audio Editing
  • Visual Slide Effects
  • Video Titling & Graphics
  • Transitions
  • Regional Closed Caption standards
  • Labels
  • Lumetri Support
  • Type Tool
  • Libraries
  • Multiple Video Types
  • Direct Publishing
  • Multiple Formats Support

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Download

Adobe Premiere Elements is another classy video editing software that is supported by Windows and Mac platforms. This specific tool is a combination of both professional and newbie video editors. It is designed in such a way, that it helps the video editor with tips and guides during the video editing process. If you are just looking to get started with a pro video editing tool that is easy to use, you can simply opt for Adobe Premiere Elements.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Elements Video Editing Tool:

  • File Asset Organization
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Still Capture
  • Video Adjustments & Enhancements
  • Quick Movies
  • Editing Guides
  • Automatic Adjustments
  • Smart Video Trim
  • Automatic Video & Slideshow Creation
  • Music Remix

3. Corel VideoStudio Pro 2020

Corel Video Studio Ultimate X10 Top Video Editing Tools

Corel VideoStudio Pro works awesome with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 PC & Laptops. It is another pro video editing tool to get started. There are plenty of features packed in VideoStudio Pro.

Be it a 4K video footage editing, 4K film editing, green screen video editing, video background removal, transition effects, merging the videos, trimming the videos, adding overlay texts, intro videos, outro videos, video cropping, video masking, video color correction, lower thirds, slow-motion videos, image to video, slideshow videos, fast video rendering, and much more. It is so much easier and fun to edit movie clips, films, and high-resolution video footage with VideoStudio Pro software.

VideoStudio Pro has a professional video timeline design, which is a standard for professional video editing programs.

See What's New in VideoStudio 2020

4. Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X Top Video Tools - Best Pro Video Editing Tool Software Mac

Final Cut Pro X is the most popular pro video editing tool for Apple Macbooks or Mac computers. It has plenty of great sets of pro video editing tool features. Since Macbooks are already powerful machines, so this software will perform butter smooth on any Apple Macbook.

Key Features of Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Tool:

  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Delivery
  • 360-Degree VR Editing
  • VR Headset Playback
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • HDR Video Support

5. Filmora X Video Editor

Filmora9 Video Editor Pro Video Editing Tools

When it comes to popularity and ease of pro video editing tools, you cannot forget about the Filmora X video editor. With an easy to use video editing interface and having tons of options, you will find filmora video editor as one of the best and lightweight resource to get started with video editing skills.

You can not only edit the videos, but also able to convert them into different file formats, swap the audio of the video, mute the audio in the video, create slideshows, create video transitions, add overlay texts on videos, 4K and HDR video editing, green screen video editing (chroma-key), video cropping capability, split-screen video, color correction for videos, change video aspect resolutions from wide and square videos, video stabilization, video merge, video speed control, audio/voice-over sync with the video, and a lot more.

Key Features of Filmora X Video Editing Tool:

  • Audio Equalizer
  • 4K Resolution Editing Support
  • GIF Support
  • Split Screen
  • Video And Audio Controls
  • Layer Multiple Video Clips
  • Video Stabilization
  • Color Grading Presets
  • Advanced Text Editing
  • Tilt-Shift
  • Mosaic (Blurring)
  • Noise Removal
  • Social Import
  • Motion Tracking
  • Frame By Frame Preview
  • Speed Control
  • Audio-Mixer
  • Chroma Key Backgrounds
  • Screen Recording
  • Audio Separation
  • Scene Detection


These pro video editing tools for Windows and Mac computers are enough to get started with your professional video editing journey. Be it small video clips, movies, films, or slideshow video editing, these top video tools will help you ease your job.

Once you have mastered the professional video editing skill, you can later sell these services to clients in different countries through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Video content is the future and has significant demand. If you are a creative video editing expert, then you will surely get a lot of projects.

Let us know, which one is your favorite video editing tool?

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